Wesmont Foundation

Wesmont builds more than just neighbourhoods, we aim to build healthy communities.

We consider it our responsibility to give back

With the increasing awareness and exposure to the needs in our surroundings, we want to be part of the solution.

The Wesmont Family desires to leave a legacy more than just houses and buildings, but in vulnerable lives in our local and global communities.

Building more than neighbourhoods

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Influenced by the Centra Cares Foundation of the Centra Construction Group, the Wesmont Foundation has been woven into our business from the beginning so we can not only build neighborhoods but also build healthy communities.

Building beyond Canada

We will be investing into, but not limited to, the development of rehabilitation centers, skills development, mentorship opportunities, crisis centres, and scholarships.


The Wesmont Foundation gives both locally and globally to various corners of the world.

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"Thank You" from Clothed In Dignity

We take pride in our partners’ efforts to be fully sustainable. 

Clothed In Dignity supports Cambodian women who were previously living in a dump, working on little to no wage and surrounded by hazardous health conditions. Now, the women receive education on sewing practices and business development, while making a liveable wage to support their families. 

Hearing these Cambodian thank you’s motivate us even further.

Who We Support